RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand - DD12051 Locate GSM Bugs and Wifi Video and audio transmitters

The RF wireless signal detector wand is perfect for use while traveling. This easy to use device will help you locate hidden transmitters all the way up to 8Ghz , this includes GSM, 3g, 4g , Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals . A quick and simple check of your surroundings may make the difference between launching your product first of being left in the dust by your competition.
Anytime you discuss sensitive information, at lunch meeting, at another company’s office or just a quick conversation while walking to the car, is an opportunity to have your information or ideas taken.
Using the RF wand Bug detector you will be able to check the devices around you for wireless bugs and microphones.
With its normal, vibrating and sound modes this unit is ready for any location you need to check for covert devices. The vibrating mode is great for searching when no one need to know what you find. The sound mode make the job quick just pass the device over any item (within about 5 inches) and it will let you know if a wireless signal is present.