RFP1215 - Black Ops RF Detection Probe pointer style bug sweep unit

This Black op wand, pointer style bug sweep unit features a directed antenna allowing the user to narrow down the location of a bug quickly and efficiently. The range, between 4-13 Ghz will find transmitters that some other detectors won’t. Most detectors cover only up to 10 GHZ making the Black Ops detection probe a reliable addition to your countermeasures kit. When you really want to know who might be listening in or watching you via wireless audio
The detection probe, has a directed antenna, which lets you locate what direction the signal source originates from, this will reduce the time you need to do a physical search, since you will have an exact area to begin with. The black ops probe does not differentiate between signals it just scans all the RF within its range.

Once you install the battery this unit is ready to go. The 16 segment bar graph will give you accurate readings, assisting you in the location of the hidden wireless devices. Working in one of three modes you have a normal, vibration or audio notification, the audio mode lets you scan a room quickly while keeping an eye out. The vibration mode keeps others from hearing where you get a reaction.
The up to 25 hour extended battery life gives you plenty of use time. You will be able to take your time and search for hidden spy devices. Then move on to your home or office to check there as well. Keep in mind that where ever you use the detector you should disable everything you know to be wireless.