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  • SD Phone Recorder by BlackOps - Digitally record home and office phone calls.
  • The Call Assistant SD Phone Recorder with Phone Recording Software
  • SD Phone Recorder: Here is where you plug in normal analog phone lines, the power adapter, and the USB cord.
  • This is the right side of the phone recorder.  Here's where you can plug in a handset for office style phones.
  • SD Slot for the SD card to record your phone calls.

SD Phone Recorder w/ Phone Recording Software

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Product Description

The SD Phone Recorder with Phone Recording Software attaches to your phone line or phone handset to record both sides of your conversations as well as the Caller ID information and call duration. The included Call Data Management Software enables you to transfer calls to your PC for easy organization and retrieval.


  • Up to 640 Hours of Call Recording on a 4GB Memory Card - Included
  • Logs Caller ID Information
  • Stores Numbers Dialed Out
  • Works on All Extensions (Analog Home Phones)
  • Call Time / Date and Duration Stamped
  • Backlit Display with Real Time Status Updates


Recording a Phone Call at Home:

Phone Line Recording
The phone recorder is designed to work with standard, analog type phone lines. When using in this fashion you will be able to record any extension phone on the same line. This will also work with Vonage or Cable Company VOIP type lines.


Recording a Phone Call at Your Office:

Handset Recording
This is where it gets tricky. If you have an office type phone / PBX where it has multiple lines, intercom, and hold functionality then you cannot plug this directly into the wall. You will need to use the handset connections. It will record your phone calls but will not store the caller ID data or work on extension phones. Think of it this way: It will record what you can hear with your ear, both sides of the conversation.


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