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Ultimate Secret Agent Pen Voice Recorder with 12 Hour Battery Life

RRP: $199.95 (You save $100.00)
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Product Description

This Slimline Pen Voice Recorder has a secret activation switch and a very sensitive internal microphone to capture even the faintest of sounds.  Charge the internal long life battery with the USB port from your computer and you can record conversations for up to 12 full hours.  Perfect for all day seminars where traditional tape recorders are not allowed.  Simply download the recordings to your PC with the included software for instant review.  Comes complete with a wired remote control and headphone for playback away from a computer. 


Pen Voice Recorder
12 Hours of Battery Life

Features at a Glance

  • 12 Hour Rechargeable Internal Battery
  • Actually Writes - Ink replacements readily available. 
  • Secret Activation Switch - No Lights
  • Professional Grade Surveillance Microphone
  • Automatic Gain Control Adjusts for Different Environments
  • High Speed USB 2.0 Download
  • Charges via USB Cable Through your PC
  • Battery Charge Indicator - Only illuminates when charging
  • Compatible with Windows 7 - Not Mac Compatible
  • 3 Recording Modes (HQ/SP/LP)
    • High Quality = 4.5 Hours
    • SP = 9 Hours
    • LP = 18 Hours
Why this Pen Recorder?
When you want quality combined with the ultimate in stealth, this pen is the one.  It's constructed with high grade aircraft aluminum with components designed to reproduce voice conversations exactly as you remember. And did we mention it also writes?  At least once a week we'll have customers asking for ink refills because it is their favorite pen. And the good thing is that ink refills are available at your local office supply store.  
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How sensitive is this recorder?  How far away can I hear a conversation?
A. This it probably the most asked question ever and this is how we answer it.  You'll see some websites claiming you can record up to 30 feet away.  That was written by some marketing intern that has never touched one of these pens, much less used one.  Here's the basic answer:  If your ears can hear it then this recorder will pick it up.  If you are in a loud nightclub with music booming and you have to yell at the person right next to you then this recorder and all others for that matter will do you no good.  If you are in a normal environment like a room and people are talking at a normal volume then this recorder will work just fine.
Q. Will this pen recorder capture conversations in a car?
A. Yes, as long as the parties are conversing at a normal volume and external audio sources like road noise, air conditioning, and radio volume.  
Q. Is this recorder Mac compatible?
A. No. 
Q. Are there any lights or beeping noises?
A. The only light that shows is when you have it plugged in and charging.  Other than that, no lights, beeps, or sounds of any kind.
Q. How will I know when the battery runs down and I can no longer record?
A. There are no indications when your battery runs low.  You'll just have to time it yourself.  That's the tradeoff for not having any indicators to give the secret away.  

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