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The Undercover Bracelet is specially designed for undercover agent working in law enforcement for emergency situations which require a handcuff key during undercover operations. The Undercover Bracelet looks and feels like a simple gummy bracelet, so commonly worn by individuals today. This bracelet will not get a second glance, yet is always worn in the optimal place to be deployedÑaround the wrist. Every bit of this key is not metal, even the key part. The key acts as a connector that joins the two ends of the bracelet. The key portion is not visible within the joining portion of the bracelet. To access the key, just yank on the bracelet breaking it apart to expose the key. The colors available are matte and include black, red, and blue; key is of matching color. Undercover Bracelet weighs .2 ounces. Fits wrists up to 10'' and can be cut down to the size of a smaller wrist: for larger size a special order is required. It is made in the USA and is Patented!

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