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Vehicle Tracking - iTrail® Snap OBD-II Tracker

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Product Description

Our vehicle tracking system is a cinch to install and will have any, and all your vehicles providing real-time tracking updates in minutes. The iTrail® Snap OBD-II Tracker docks inside your vehicle to the OBD (On-board diagnostic) port. When docked, the iTrail® Snap OBD-II Tracker will receive continuous power from the OBD port making this the only plug-n-play GPS tracking device available today.

Beyond convenient installation of the iTrail® Snap OBD-II Tracker, you’ll experience up to the second vehicle visibility using our iTrail® Live tracking software.


Mobile Updates


Begin by downloading the iTrail® Live mobile app to any of your mobile devices and receive updates that inform when, where, and for how long your vehicle has been driving. We accomplish this by using a mobile alert feature to provide alerts to your phone that include arrival, departure, excessive speeding, and more.

Don’t have a mobile device? Simply login to iTrail® Live using our web-based tracking to keep a visible watch on your vehicle.


Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable Plans


We offer multiple real-time tracking coverage plans with no contracts featuring unlimited data and usage.


✔ iTrail® Snap Personal - $29.95/month with 1 minute updates

✔ iTrail® Snap Personal Plus - $34.95/month with 30 second updates

✔ iTrail® Snap Pro - $39.95/month with 10 second updates


Your iTrail® Snap OBD-II Tracker uses Verizon’s CDMA mobile network to provide reliable, nationwide coverage.



  • Up to the second real-time GPS Tracking

  • Plug-n-Play Installation

  • Continuous power

  • Free Mobile App and Web-Based Tracking software

  • Powered by Verizon’s CDMA network

  • Unlimited data

  • No Contracts

  • Nationwide coverage

  • Text Message(SMS) Alerts

  • Arrival Alerts

  • Departure Alerts

  • Low Battery Alerts

  • Excessive Speed Alerts

  • Geofencing

  • Historical Playback

  • Text Reports

  • PC/MAC Compatible

  • Navigation Feature

  • LiveShare Feature





  • Position Accuracy: Autonomous <2.5M

  • Sensitivity: -162dBm

  • Time to First Fix (TTFF): Hot Start <1 second

  • Aided start <1 second

  • Cold start 29 seconds


  • Static RAM: 32KB

  • Digital Input: No

  • Digital Output: No

  • Channels: 50 Parallel Channels

  • Receiver: uBlox NEO 6M (GPS, Galileo&Sbase) engine

  • Modem: uBlox LEON G100

  • CDMA Bands 800/1900 MHz

  • GPRS Class 10/Station

  • Class B

  • TCP/IP over PPP

  • Antenna: Internal

  • Cell Provider: Verizon CDMA



  • Antenna: Internal

  • USB: Configuration



  • iTrail® Snap OBD-II Tracker

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