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With US based customer service we’ll support you for the lifetime of your product before and after the sale. Developing long lasting relationships with our client base is the reason we’ve been able to serve our customers for over 20 years. We’ll always be honest and helpful. You’ll find various ways to contact us throughout this site.

Quality Promise

We constantly strive to provide the best in class surveillance gear. You don’t last 20+ years in business by cutting corners. If we wouldn’t recommend it to a friend or family we won’t recommend it to you. High quality gear, fair prices, backed by a comprehensive warranty and uncompromising dedication to discovering the truth.

Lawmate Technology

If you’re in law enforcement or the private investigative field then you’ve most likely heard of Lawmate covert cameras. We have been a representative of Lawmate since they came on the scene. We proudly sell the entire covert surveillance line of Lawmate and we’re glad to assist you with any question you have before and after the sale.

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