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  • 25 Day USB Voice Recorder
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25 Day Battery USB Voice Recorder

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Product Description


Due to the overwhelming popularity of this voice recorder we unexpectedly sold out on Friday.


We have more on the way so please place your order today!



Our 25 Day USB Voice Recorder captures crystal clear audio and features an endless amount of battery power. This intelligent voice recording is an excellent option when you need to record lengthy lectures, document business meetings, or capture statements from a witness or interviewee.


Longest Lasting Battery


Endless amounts of battery power separate the 25 Day USB Voice Record apart. It features either 24 hours of continuous recording or up to 25 days of power on standby. Nothing matches the power inside our USB audio recorder.


Massive Amounts of Audio Storage


The 25 Day USB Voice Recorder comes with 8GB of storage and holds up to 288 hours of recordings without having to download the data. With enough storage space to build your case against a perpetrator, you can keep these important files with you wherever you go.


Serious Performance


Here at Spygadgets we recognize that situations occur causing you to lose trust with those in your business or personal life. Our voice recorder will get the tough job done by recording every word, discreetly, within a 30 foot area using the superior voice operated system feature. The 25 Day USB Voice Recorder will stamp time and date right on the file making your evidence hard to dispute. Make sure you always stay on top of the important moment - whether negative or positive - with our USB Voice Recorder.



  • Longest battery life available

  • 25 day standby battery

  • 288 hours of storage

  • Two recording modes

  • Superior Voice Operation System

  • Continuous recording mode

  • Precision audio recording

  • One-touch operation

  • Time/date stamping

  • Records while connected to USB port

  • Downloadable files



MP3 Encoding 64Kbps,,Frequency response 100Hz~10KHz
8GB Built in Memory
ALC function (automatic recording level control)
USB 2.0 hi speed upload and download
Plug in and playback
battery indication LED
Rechargeable Li polymer battery built in 2 hours charging time
File advancement on SVOS mode
Time and Date stamp



USB Voice Recorder

User Manual




Q. What is the SVOS (Superior Voice Operated System) feature?

A. The SVOS is a hands-free way of recording. You can turn the dial on the 25 Hour USB Voice Recorder to turn on the SVOS system. In that moment the device will record automatically whenever sound is present.


Q. How long does the battery last on a single charge?

A. If you use the continuous recording feature the battery will last for 24 hours. If you use the SVOS feature the battery can last for up to 25 days on standby.


Q. Can I record while charging or while the device is plugged into my USB port?

A. Yes, one of the unique features of this model is the ability to record while it is plugged into the USB port. Our research concluded that the 25 Hour USB Voice Recorder is the only model with this capability.


Q. Will the device work with Windows and iOS?

A. Yes, there is no software required to use this device. Simply connect it to either a Windows of iOS system to access the audio files.


Q. My computer will not recognize the device?

A. Before you connect the device to your computer set the dial to the “STOP” position, otherwise it will not be recognized.


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