AC Adapter Hidden Cameras

1080P USB Charger Hidden Camera DVR

$199.99 $99.00

USB Charger Night Vision Hidden Camera packed into your ordinary USB Wall Charger. Clear 1080P Resolution with Manual IRs allow for anytime surveillance. All you do is plug it in and add it to our Zone Shield EZ app. You can then see live video or...

USB Charging Cable WiFi Hidden Camera DVR

$199.99 $99.00

1080P USB Charging 2.0 USB Charging Cable WiFi DVR  Charge while you surveil. With a handheld technology enriched society, keeping a charge is a necessity. This covert USB Charging Cable provides the perfect cover for your Hidden Camera. For better...

Wall Outlet 4K Hidden Camera WiFi DVR


This fully functional 6 plug wall outlet with 2 USB charging ports conceals a 4K resolution hidden camera with DVR.  All outlets are fully operational and all of the hidden camera components are neatly tucked away inside away from suspicious eyes...