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  • Black Ops RF Detection Probe
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Black Ops RF Detection Probe

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Product Description

Think detection is only for the pros? Think again! DIY signal detection is now more powerful and accessible than ever with the Black Ops RF Detection Probe. Discreetly detect video, audio, digital or analog signals and find surveillance bugging devices which are usually not detectable by standard RF detectors. Now, there's no need for the DIY user to invest in an expensive spectrum analyzer with extended range because the Black Ops RF Probe features the range to sweep the higher spectrum. The Black Ops RF Detection Probe is the perfect resource for the small business owner or personal user who fears you may be under surveillance but you don't have the budget to hire a PI. Be your own PI with the Black Ops RF Detection Probe.




What Makes this Probe Powerful?


The Black Ops RF Detection probe brings wide range frequency detection to the hands of the everyday DIY user. Other conventional RF detectors are typically capable of discovering signals between 4-6 GHz, leaving higher frequencies undetected. This small, handheld microwave probe extends the detectable frequency range of your bug sweeps to 13 GHz. 


25 Hour Rechargeable Battery


With a battery life of up to 25 hours, this handheld device packs a power punch of detection into a system small enough for your front pocket while leaving plenty of time to do your DIY detection work. 


Pro Tips for the DIY Detector


The internal antenna allows you to scan a room and the objects in it so you can easily hone in on the signals origin. Plus, with the 16-segment indicator you can precisely assess the strength of neighboring signals. Remember, the closer you are to the signal, the stronger the readout will appear the 16 segment indicator.




  • Detects bugging devices omitted by standard RF detectors

  • Discovers microwave signals in the range of 4-13 GHz

  • Detects signals not depending on their type – video, audio, digital or analog

  • Built-in directed antenna

  • 3 Modes: Normal, Vibrating and Audio

  • 16-segment signal strength indicator

  • Sensitivity controlled by attenuator

  • Portable and durable duralumin body

  • Powered by just 1 AA (LR06) battery

  • Low power indication

  • Battery life 12-25 hours




  • Frequency range 4000 – 13000 MHz (4-13 GHz)

  • Controls Power button, Mode button, ATT button

  • Indicators 16-segment bargraph, Vibration, Battery state (3 colors), Working mode, ATT state

  • Antenna directivity (out-of-direction attenuation) -6 dBm

  • Battery resource 12 – 25 hours

  • Current consumption Normal: 80 mA Vibrating: 180 mA Audio: 130 mA

  • Power source 1 x AA battery




  • Black Ops RF Detection Probe

  • Manual

  • 2 AA Batteries

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