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How To Build A Wrap-Around Home Surveillance System

Aug 2nd 2021

A quick scroll through social media will reveal dozens of doorbell camera videos of suspicious characters around the neighborhood. We have all been conditioned to be on camera the minute we step on someone's porch. But what about when we cross the threshold? Let's look at three ways your security system can expand beyond the doorbell cam.The space in between home and the outside worldAnother overlooked spot for spying on suspected cheating or add...
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​How a Two-in-one Portable UV Sanitizer Can Help While Traveling

Dec 21st 2020

This year planning travel has taken on a whole new layer of complexity. Instead of just packing the suitcase or minivan fueling up and hitting the road we now need to consider where in our journey we might be exposed to coronavirus and how to adapt. Easy carry-ons like a small bottle of hand sanitizer or wipes can help but what about being confronted with hard-to-wipe surfaces like grocery packaging public restroom fixtures or even your own cell...
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How to detect hidden cameras

Posted by Dante H on Mar 12th 2020

How To Detect Hidden CamerasInstalling small cameras and spy gadgets has never been easier. They are easily available and you can install them in the smallest of corners. This has been the cause of increasing mistrust among people. While these cameras are not made for such purposes, people install them in dressing rooms, parking lots, any public place and even in homes. The misuse of such devices is not okay and they should be used for legit...
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How To Track A car - using several GPS technologies to locate people and vehicles

Posted by Dante H. on Feb 28th 2020

How to Track a Car.Americans have honed their abilities in locating and finding things since the dawn of time. From finding food, water and safe places to live to finding the best deals and now, going high tech finding where your car is right now. In Times past, we would use word of mouth to find things, the best place to wait for a small dinosaur for lunch was easily conveyed. It'd be difficult today on an America filled with asphalt roads...
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How To Set Up Security Cameras

Posted by LK on Feb 21st 2020

Our home is our most valuable possession as it is the one place which is completely safe. However, sometimes even your house doesn’t feel safe especially after news of break-ins and robberies. To add security and safety you can set up security cameras in your home for added protection.There are a few things to know even before buying a security camera and here is what you need to know. The type of camera and system you will installKnow you...
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