Cameras that will protect your loved ones or assets come in various forms.  Whether you are interested in protecting your reputation, your livelihood, your home, office, property, or a loved one, we've got a video surveillance solution that works for you.


Here you’ll find cameras you can wear, cameras you can hide in plain sight, cameras you can access remotely through the internet from anywhere in the world, and cameras you never knew existed. We have the expertise and experience to help you.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us with any questions you have.

1080p Water Bottle Hidden Camera w/ Motion Detection

$129.99 $99.00

A 1080p HD hidden camera at a great price! Our Water Bottle Hidden Camera is an excellent choice because it suits nanny cam, investigative, and extreme sports surveillance. Our water bottle hidden camera offers a drinkable, and inexpensive solution to...

KJB WiFi Home Video Monitoring System II

$199.00 $89.00

The KJB WiFi Home Video Monitoring System II Lets You Watch and Interact Remotely 24/7 Designed to give you high quality remote video coupled with two way audio, the WiFi Home Video Monitoring System II works with your existing WiFi network. Using the...

Nanny Camera Clock Hidden WiFi Camera


Our Nanny Camera clock is perfect for keeping an eye on what happens when you are not home. With this mini alarm clock you can easily see the time date including the temperature. The hidden camera inside will watch what goes on while you are...

Spy Camera Pen 1080P

$225.00 $179.00

Spy Camera Pen with 1080P Resolution gives you 30 frames per second of full color video.  The internal battery will last about 2 hours per charge while charging only takes 2 hours.  The 16GB of built-in flash memory will hold about 2.5 hours...

WiFi Spy Camera Clock Radio

$399.00 $315.00

The WiFI Spy Camera Clock Radio is a working Sony clock radio with a pinhole spy camera and WiFi transmitter hidden inside. Using your existing WiFi network you will be able to record hidden video using your PC on site or a computer off site. Easily log...

WiFi Hidden Spy Camera iPhone Dock


This wifi hidden spy camera is a working iPhone dock charging station. The hidden camera has a memory card slot (card Not Included) and will record video or connect via WiFi to live view from anywhere on your smart phone or tablet. As a charger this unit...

1080P Button Camera


The all-new 1080P Water Resistant Button Camera by LawMate Technology™. The twist on/off button camera offers an ultra secure water resistant connection to ensure your camera never comes detached or distorted during use. Compatible with PV-500NEO...

1080P HD AC Adaptor DVR


Highest Quality AC Adaptor Hidden Camera Designed, supported, and shipped right here in the U.S.! When you need a reliable, plug, record and play hidden camera that is easy to use, then the choice is easy. Our 1080P HD AC Adapter Hidden Camera has...

1080p HD Black Box Spy Camera

$399.99 $185.00

Limited Quantity Left At This Price   Stash and go cameras are an excellent choice when you need to rapidly deploy a hidden camera. Our 1080p HD Black Box Spy Camera suits the stash and go scenario, perfectly. Whether you need 1080p HD hidden...

1080p HD Flash Drive Hidden Camera

$69.99 $29.00

Our 1080p HD Flash Drive Hidden Camera is the investigator’s choice for secretly recording in public spaces. We recommend connecting it to your keychain where you’ll receive up to 1 hour of battery powered operation. Should your investigation...

1080P P2P Touch Screen DVR


The all-new 1080P P2P Touch Screen DVR by LawMate Technology™ is the latest professional 3 1/4" self-recording DVR. The P2P Touch Screen DVR comes with a touch screen and a newly designed Twist On/Off Water Resistant 1080p Button Camera...

720P Pen Hidden Camera w/ Motion Detection

$199.00 $169.00

The 720P Pen Hidden Camera with Motion Detection will record for up to 2 hours per charge to the built in 8GB internal memory. Multiple modes can be activated through one top button. Constant recording or motion detect recording is at your fingertips. ...

A1029B Adapter


With this cable you can convert your 30 day battery Xtreme Life Hidden Camera to a 90 day system. This cable lets you quickly retro fit to the 90 day battery (A1029).

AC Adapter DVR Cord Camera

$449.00 $395.00

When it comes to the AC Adapter DVR Cord Camera think snake camera but hidden. Built-In DVR. Inside the AC Adapter Cord Camera you’ll find a high quality DVR that record all the action onto a removable memory card. To access the removable memory...

Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera


Get your hands on next gen hidden camera technology. The LawMate PV-BT10i will integrate into all aspects of your life at home and work. The LawMate Bluetooth Speaker Spy Camera is a portable or AC powered device that's easy to take anywhere. Built to...