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Cool Spy Stuff and Gadgets you will not find anywhere else.  From our Mossad Spy Pen to our Covert Hollow Coins, you’ll be amazed at the cool gadgets you can buy today.

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  • Shomer-Tec_Access-Card_Professional-Lock-Pick-Set
    ACCESS CARD Lock Pick for Your Wallet
    Shomer-Tec's Access Card utilized advanced design in this new, discreet, always available, professional lock pick set. This highly low-profile lock pick, a tiny .016'' in thickness, is designed to be easily hidden in your...
  • TVT Pro Professional Telephone Voice Changer
    Professional Telephone Voice Changer
    It's back!  The all NEW and IMPROVEDProfessional Voice ChangerNOW with Cell Phone Adapter!   A PHONE VOICE CHANGER SO GOOD YOUR MOM WON'T EVEN KNOW IT'S YOU!   The Telephone Voice Changer Transformer is...
    $695.00 $549.00
  • The-Spy-Bolt_Shomer-Tec
    Hiding in plain sight is a specialty that Shomer-Tec does very well, the Spy Bolt is a perfect example. Based on the KGB "drop dead" bolt, this new and improved version features a reverse treaded head for added security, and...
  • Ceramic-Razor-Blade_Survival-Equipment
    The Ceramic Razor Blade is black in color, and can be called the optimal hideout blade. This is a blade that is completely non-metallic as it is made from not any metal, but Zirconia ceramic. This Zirconia ceramic is a very...
  • Check-Guardian-Pen_Shomer-Tec
    Protect yourself from check altering thieves. The Check Guardian Pen makes it impossible for crooks use a process called "check washing", which is a process where a criminal gets a hold of your check (commonly utility...
    Covert Coins were once used in the Cold War to transport microfilm, poison, and messages. Some may believe that Covert Coins are a used up technology. On the contrary, these updated Covert Coins can now store up to 32 G in...
  • Covert_Handcuff_Key_Shomer-Tec
    If you are looking for one of the best handcuff keys, Covert Handcuff key is just right for you. It is made of a special and durable composite and can be universally used, whenever you need it the most. It is so small, light...
  • Dead-Ringer_Telephone-Disruption-Device
  • Disconnected-Number_Telephone-Disruption-Device
    Shomer Tec's Disconnected Number prevents any phone is installed on from receiving incoming calls. The mark will not suspect that anything is wrong with their line, since they can make outgoing calls, they will not get faxes...
  • Escape_Saw_Shomer-Tec
    If you are an ardent adventurer who spends lots of your time on adventures and outdoors, then you have to get yourself an Escape Saw. This is a very necessary component that should be included in any adventurer's survival...
  • Fifty-cent_Covert_Knife-Covert-Weapon
    As coins are the most ignored things that people carry, and which are usually ignored even during a search, the Fifty-cent Covert Knife is a secret escape knife that is concealed in a 50-cent US coin. The Covert Knife...
  • Foto-Sniper Camera_Shomer-Tec
    The Foto-Sniper Camera was originally designed for the KGB secret surveillance operations. The Foto-Sniper Camera is a 35mm camera with special configuration that allows for inventive integrated stabilization system and an...
  • Grip-Tip_Survival-Tool_Fishing-Pole-Tip-Replacement
    The Grip Tip is a key element in any survival or fishing kit. This impressive tool is used when your fishing pole tips breaks off, you simply screw the Grip Tip on and you're ready to get back to fishing. There is no glue,...
  • Impact_Kerambit-Low_Profile_Weapon
    This is an Impact Kerambit low-profile defense tool that looks like piece of plastic in an L-shape. You just have to put your index finger through its ring and grasp the Impact Kerambit; once this is done, you have the...
  • Infidelity Test Kit
    Infidelity Semen Detection Test Kit by CheckMate
    Laying awake at night wondering if your loved one could be cheating on you is no way to live. If that little voice inside you is nagging you to take the next step, consider the Checkmate Infidelity Test Kit. With this CSI...
  • iPhone Power Case Spy Camera DVR - iPhone not included
    iPhone Power Case Spy Camera with Wide Angle High Res Camera
    The iPhone Power Case Spy Camera works with the iPhone 4 and 4s only. Selectable 1080P or 720P high resolution, wide angle (120 degree) camera automatically orients and self rights itself where face up or face down. Video...
  • Kevlar_Survival_Cord-Survival_Gear
    Here is another must-have item for any survival kit, the Kevlar Survival Cord. Looks are deceptive, which is rightly proven here. Though this cord is as thick as a piece of thread, it has a really strong breaking strength,...
  • Laser-Surveillance-Defeater_Defeat-Laser-Surveillance
    This is the brand new countermeasure device for laser surveillance, the Laser Surveillance Defeater, a highly sophisticated tool to defeat laser surveillance. People who want to use laser surveillance against you will use an...
  • Micro-Escape-Tool-Shomer-Tec
    A very useful addition to consider for any operators' E&E options is the Micro Escape Tool. This is an extremely lightweight, effortlessly concealed, and tiny handcuff shim pick that comes with saw teeth built Ðin. The shim...
  • Nine-Fifty_Cord-Kevlar_Survival_Cord
    Despite its name, the Ultimate Survival Cord, it has a stronger and beefier counterpart in the form of the Nine-Fifty Cord. This is a cord that's made of woven Technora-AE, and thus has a great breaking strength of more than...
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