DD804 - Defender PRO-10G - White Noise Generator - Bug Sweeping System

The Defender Pro 10G is an all around, personal defense detection system. It features a built in white noise generator and a Bar graph RF signal strength meter. Used to locate wireless cameras, this device also can help locate and defeat wireless microphones and stand alone voice recorders. Plus, Cellular based transmitters, GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth and WiFi spy transmitting devices. 

Used as a RF bug detector, you can sweep areas looking for all types of transmitting units, bugs and cameras. Keep an eye on the Bar Graph for higher signal readings as you get closer to a hidden device. Once you have the general location, you press the button to lower the sensitivity, and hone in on the offending transmitter.

Open the cover on the phone line connection plug, and connect to your phone, to keep your phone calls private. The Defender Pro 10G will check for active eavesdropping during the call, If it detects an intrusion on the line, it will block the voice and the warning light will turn on. You will need to disable the defender to continue the call, now aware of unwanted ears, hearing your conversation.

When in meetings, or in a new office you can use the Pro10 G as a white noise generator. The white noise will sound like static to you, but it will mask voices from recorders and microphones as well as run out any voice activated recorders.