Voice Recorders

Digital Voice Recorders give you the ability to document conversations in person or on your phone.  There are many reasons people want to keep a record of their phone calls. Some businesses are legally bound to record phone calls while others want to maintain quality control.  We often get calls from people going through child custody disputes or disputes in general with employers or fellow employees. If it’s important to your money or your life it’s probably a good idea to record it.

25 Day Battery USB Voice Recorder


Our 25 Day USB Voice Recorder captures crystal clear audio and features an endless amount of battery power. This intelligent voice recording is an excellent option when you need to record lengthy lectures, document business meetings, or capture...

USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder


Capture and record any and all audio using our USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder. The portable design, and 4 hours of battery life provide on-the-go audio recording. The built-in USB connection makes uploading files as simple as transferring your...

Cell Phone Recorder with BlueTooth Sync


This Cell Phone Recorder with BlueTooth Sync is a versatile recording device that will let you record your phone calls no matter where you are. It will record your phone calls at home on a normal phone line or your cell phone calls. It also has a built...

Lawmate AR-300 Car Key Voice Recorder


The Lawmate AR-300’s light, portable design makes it popular to use for personal and professional audio recording! Use the one-touch button to start and stop recording on the go! Compatible with any key-chain, take this Personal Car Key Voice...

USB Voice Phone Recorder


The USB Phone Recorder is an easy-to-install, portable unit that automatically and covertly records phone conversations into a voice database through the USB port of your computer. It also allows users to manage all stored recordings and information with...

Voice Activated Recorder w/ Phone Recording Kit

$195.00 $159.00

The AR-200 Voice Activated Recorder by Lawmate™ is a small sized professional audio recording device for use in face to face conversations or with a telephone. Recording modes include: on demand, voice activated, and phone. Adjust the voice...