Hidden Cameras

Since 1998 we’ve been helping people like you discover the truth by offering the best hidden surveillance cameras available. A lot has changed in 20 plus years. The technology we use today far surpasses what we used back in 1998.  One thing that hasn’t changed is human nature. People still lie, cheat, and steal. It’s been our mission to help you find out who you can trust.

1080P P2P Touch Screen DVR


The all-new 1080P P2P Touch Screen DVR by LawMate Technology™ is the latest professional 3 1/4" self-recording DVR. The P2P Touch Screen DVR comes with a touch screen and a newly designed Twist On/Off Water Resistant 1080p Button Camera...

A1029B Adapter


With this cable you can convert your 30 day battery Xtreme Life Hidden Camera to a 90 day system. This cable lets you quickly retro fit to the 90 day battery (A1029).

AC Adapter DVR Cord Camera

$449.00 $395.00

When it comes to the AC Adapter DVR Cord Camera think snake camera but hidden. Built-In DVR. Inside the AC Adapter Cord Camera you’ll find a high quality DVR that record all the action onto a removable memory card. To access the removable memory...

Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera


Get your hands on next gen hidden camera technology. The LawMate PV-BT10i will integrate into all aspects of your life at home and work. The LawMate Bluetooth Speaker Spy Camera is a portable or AC powered device that's easy to take anywhere. Built to...

Computer Speakers WiFi Spy Camera

$595.00 $440.00

Turn down for WHAT??? Blast your favorite music while protecting one of your most valuable assets. One of the biggest outlays of cash is what you spend on electronics. Don’t let your hard earned money walk away without a fight. Protect...

HD WiFi PTZ Camera

$99.00 $59.00

Pan... Tilt... Zoom... and Relax with this handy HD WiFi PTZ camera. Our HD WiFi PTZ camera is an easy to set up, low-cost solution for home or business surveillance. Use it day or night. The built in night vision is perfect for capturing ghost sightings...

Hidden Glasses Camera


  These look like everyday glasses but in fact there is a hidden camera and memory all built inside. No one will know there is a camera there are no pinholes where the camera is.    Features Visually capable of 720p video recording and...

Keychain Spy Camera


Get your hands on the latest LawMate Keychain Spy Camera and DVR. This newly redesigned model is on trend and finished with a sleek new body featuring the smallest 5M pin-hole camera made precisely for recording. The PV-RC200HD2(KR) is a 4 in 1 device,...