Hidden Spy Cameras

Hidden Spy Cameras for your home or office that blend into just about any environment.  Using SD card internal digital video recorders or over the internet, cloud storage, these disguised spy cam systems  come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve designed these to look like normal items you would use day after day. Some of the cameras you’ll find here have real time remote view capabilities so that you can view high quality 1080p and  higher video right on your smart phone from almost anywhere. And some use a micro sd card to save motion activated hd video. You’ll simply use your computer to view the files. While most of these items are fully functional, please read each description to verify.

Notebook WiFi DVR


A noteworthy idea that monitors your work space.In business, school and home, notebooks are often found amongst our things. Capture your space with the Notebook WiFi DVR #PVNB10W. Check what's going on in the other room. Record, view live and...

1080p HD Flash Drive Hidden Camera

$69.99 $29.00

  Our 1080p HD Flash Drive Hidden Camera is the investigator’s choice for secretly recording in public spaces. We recommend connecting it to your keychain where you’ll receive up to 1 hour of battery powered operation. Should your...