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Looking for a spy camera that’s a little smaller than normal?

Our Micro Cameras are typically used in situations where lack of size matters. From a body worn micro spy camera that you can take anywhere to a tiny, sneaky snake camera, micro is what you will find.

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  • Professional HD Micro Camcorder by Lawmate
    Professional HD Micro Camcorder by Lawmate
    Micro HD Camcorder designed by Lawmate is only 1.4 inches in height but can record HD video up to 1280 x 960 with audio. Never before has a camera this small and this well constructed been offered.   Buy it TODAY! ...
    $199.00 $169.00
  • LawMate BS-10 Book Camera
    Book Hidden Camera
    The LawMate BS-10 Book Camera is a hollow book with a concealed color CCD camera hidden inside. A 4.3mm lends provides a wide 80° field of view for recording. Once the camera is attached to a suitable DVR, hours of...
  • HD Flash Drive Hidden Camera (docking battery pack)
    HD Flash Drive Hidden Camera w/ 10 Hour Battery
    Don’t let office documents that come up missing, or concerns about internal theft drive your business. Our HD Flash Drive Hidden Camera combines the features you need to protect any assets. No other hidden camera can...
  • iPhone Power Case Spy Camera DVR - iPhone not included
    iPhone Power Case Spy Camera with Wide Angle High Res Camera
    The iPhone Power Case Spy Camera works with the iPhone 4 and 4s only. Selectable 1080P or 720P high resolution, wide angle (120 degree) camera automatically orients and self rights itself where face up or face down. Video...
  • LawMate CA-PVN Clip Camera
    LawMate CA-PVN Clip Camera
    The LawMate CA-PVN Clip Camera is a conveniently portable clip color CCD camera. With its small size and clip, it can easily be attached to any number of surfaces or worn to record one’s activities and surroundings...
  • Lawmate™ CMD-BU13LX HD Button Hidden Camera
    LawMate CMD-BU13LX High Resolution Button Cam
    The Lawmate™ CMD-BU13LX High Resolution Button Cam is one of the HD cameras compatible with the PV-1000 Touch and PV-500EVO2. This camera does not record to itself and requires one of the Lawmate portable DVRs to...
  • Z17 Micro Spy Cam with Tilt Camera Head
    Micro Spy Cam with 10 Hours of Battery Life
    Dimension: 1.9 x 4.3 x 10.2cm / 0.75 x 1.7 x 4" 10 hour battery continuous recording 160degree wide viewing angle Camera can be rotated in different angles Multi function triggering mode (voice trigger, vibration...
  • Micro Video Camera USB Camstick
    Micro Video Camera and USB CamStick with 90 Min Battery Life
    The HALCAM Micro Video Camera is a hybrid flash drive and covert video camera. It looks just like a typical USB flash drive but also contains a camera that records full color video with audio. The camera can also take still...
  • Micro Video Recorder with Sound Activation
    Micro Video Recorder with Sound Activation
    At only 2.5 inches in size, this micro video recorder is a full-featured portable surveillance machine. Able to record color video with audio as well as take photos, the CamStickSD also features audio activation. Once...
  • Mini Keychain Spy Camera in Hand
    Mini Keychain Spy Camera with Built In DVR
    The Mini Keychain Spy Camera looks just like the keyfob alarm remote that you'll find on millions of keychains around the world.  Record full motion, color video and audio anywhere with this mini spy camera. It charges...
    $99.50 $79.95
  • Mini Micro DVR
    Mini Micro Camera with Voice-Activation and 4 Hour Battery Life
    The VADVR Mini Micro Camera has a beautifully thin form while retaining an impressive list of features. It takes VGA video at 640 x 480 with color and sound at 30 fps. Also notable is the unit’s fast response to...
    $195.00 $159.00
  • Mini USB Camera Camstick
    Mini USB Camera USB Stick
    This Mini USB Camera looks just like a USB flash drive but is actually a full color video and audio recorder. Its small size and form factor make it extremely portable with the added benefit of not attracting unwanted...
    $199.00 $125.00
  • Motion Activated Camcorder
    Motion Activated Camcorder with 10 Day Standby Life
    The Motion Activated Camcorder is perfectly suited for long term surveillance in daylight or even in total darkness with the built in night vision feature. The device battery provides a whopping 10 days of standby and up to...
    $225.00 $169.00
  • LawMate CM-DC10 5V Power Cord Camera
    Power Cord Camera For Use with Lawmate DVR's
    TheLawMate™ CM-DC10 Power Cord Camera looks just like a standard AC power adapter cord but one end is actually a concealed high resolution camera. The AC power cord form makes detection extremely difficult. The lens is...
  • Tiny Camcorder Camstick with spring loaded clip
    Tiny Camcorder with 720 X 480 Resolution and 2 Hour Battery Life
    This tiny camcorder is no bigger than a thumb, making it perfect for all surveillance applications where discretion is needed. With support for up to 16GB of microSD storage, the CS100 can record up to 2 hours of continuous...
    $149.00 $99.00
  • Ultra Mini Spy Cam w/ 640 X 480 Resolution & Time / Date Stamp
    Ultra Mini Spy Cam w/ 640 X 480 Resolution & Time / Date Stamp
      Exclusive Features You Won't Find Anywhere Else        BlackOps BDVR90 Cheap Knockoff 80 Degree Lens - Wider Viewing Angle = More Evidence 70 Degree Lens - Less Viewing Angle = Less...
  • USB Spy Camera Thumb Drive with Night Vision
    USB Spy Camera Thumb Drive with Night Vision
    This USB Spy Camera looks and works just like a USB flash thumb drive. However, it also sports a concealed color video camera with audio recording and a night vision feature. Battery life is up to 1.5 hours and the NVUSB...
    $149.00 $99.00
  • USB Video Camera with 2 Hour Battery Life
    USB Video Camera Thumb Drive
    The CSUSB USB Video Camera is notable for having exceptional storage at 32GB and is also a functional flash drive. It takes full color video with audio and high resolution (1280 x 1024) photos. It’s the perfect way to...
    $109.00 $99.00

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