Micro Cameras

Looking for a spy camera that’s a little smaller than normal?

Our Micro Cameras are typically used in situations where lack of size matters. From a body worn micro spy camera that you can take anywhere to a tiny, sneaky snake camera, micro is what you will find.

1080p HD Flash Drive Hidden Camera

$69.99 $45.00

Our 1080p HD Flash Drive Hidden Camera is the investigator’s choice for secretly recording in public spaces. We recommend connecting it to your keychain where you’ll receive up to 1 hour of battery powered operation. Should your investigation...

Micro Video Recorder with Sound Activation

$99.95 $59.95

At only 2.5 inches in size, this micro video recorder is a full-featured portable surveillance machine. Able to record color video with audio as well as take photos, the CamStickSD also features audio activation. Once placed, it will begin recording when...