Nanny Cameras

Nanny Cameras serve an important purpose, to keep an eye on your most precious assets, your family.  "Trust but Verify" its an old statement but still true today. We hope that your nanny or caregiver is above reproach. A nanny camera can be hidden in many different devices and accessed remotely on your smartphone. Different from a hidden camera for security, which is also a good idea, a babysitter camera or elder care camera is designed to be indoors and in the main room where the care is performed

SG Home Rectangle Clock Wi-Fi - SG7005WF


This rectangle mantle clock can blend in to many locations. Set it up and record to the included 32GB memory card. View the video live from most smart devices. This is a battery operated hidden camera and will last up to 16 hours if it records constantly...

HD WiFi PTZ Camera

  Pan... Tilt... Zoom... and Relax with this handy HD WiFi PTZ camera. Our HD WiFi PTZ camera is an easy to set up, low-cost solution for home or business surveillance. Use it day or night. The built in night vision is perfect for capturing ghost...

WiFi Mini Clock Spy Nanny Camera

$249.00 $214.00

The WiFi Mini Clock Spy Camera is a full-featured covert surveillance system designed to look like a mini digital clock. High-resolution video is saved to a micro SD card while the WiFi module streams live video to your Internet connected...