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Spy Gear and Gadgets you won’t find anywhere else. Houston, we don’t have a problem when it comes to giving you the spy gear you want and need.

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  • Designed in the USA, this AC Adaptor is American Proud!
    720p AC Adapter Hidden Camera EZ DVR
    Best AC Adapter Hidden Camera Designed, supported, and shipped right here in the U.S.!   When you need a reliable, quick deploying hidden camera that is easy to set up, then the choice is simple. Our 720p HD AC...
    $295.00 $169.99
  • Clock Radio Hidden Camera with WiFi, Night Vision, HD Resolution, and Live Video Access on the SG Home Mobile App.
    Camera Clock Radio Hidden w/ WiFi and IR's
    SG Home WiFi Hidden Cameras: The Future of Home Security is Now. Nothing outperforms the WiFi Clock Radio Hidden Camera because no other camera combines a full range features and quality in one device. By design, our clock...
    $499.00 $299.00
  • Alarm Clock Nanny Cam by Zone Shield™ - Front View
    Alarm Clock Nanny Cam DVR
    Alarm Clock Nanny Cam The latest nanny cam from SpyGadgets™ is this high quality clock radio. Designed and supported right here in the U.S, this self recording hidden camera saves motion activated or continuous...
    $299.00 $199.00
  • Business Card Size Black Box Spy Camera DVR
    Business Card Size Black Box Spy Camera DVR
    2 Products in 1 The smallest of all Black Box Cameras and a built-in Voice recorder.    “Extra Tiny” Micro Black Box Spy Camera DVR records video and is also a Voice recorder Our black box can be...
    $295.00 $225.00
  • Spy Camera Pen
    Spy Camera Pen 1080P
    Spy Camera Pen with 1080P Resolution gives you 30 frames per second of full color video.  The internal battery will last about 2 hours per charge while charging only takes 2 hours.  The 16GB of built-in flash...
    $225.00 $179.00
  • 138 Hour Portable Digital Voice Recorder with Color Screen
    138 Hour Portable Digital Voice Recorder
    The DV-Voice is a Portable Digital Voice Recorder with 138 hours of onboard storage using 8GB of internal memory, expandable to 546 hours with a 32GB micro SD card. With 15 hours of battery life and voice activated recording...
  • 30 Day Recording Life Portable Digital Voice Recorder
    30 Day Recording Life Portable Digital Voice Recorder
    It’s hard to believe that a portable digital voice recorder has all these features. Grab a snack and a comfy chair, this one has a lot to offer. Need to record your home phone calls? The included phone-recording...
  • 720P Pen Hidden Camera w/ Motion Detection.  1280 X 720 Resolution with up to 128GB SD Card Support.
    720P Pen Hidden Camera w/ Motion Detection
    The 720P Pen Hidden Camera with Motion Detection will record for up to 2 hours per charge to the built in 8GB internal memory. Multiple modes can be activated through one top button. Constant recording or motion detect...
    $199.00 $169.00
  • Air Freshener Professional Hidden Camera SC7800 XTremeLife Desk
    Air Freshener Professional Hidden Camera
    The XTreme Life™ Air Freshener Professional Hidden Camera is a motion activated, battery powered, self recording surveillance platform that blends into any environment with ease.   With up to 30 days of battery...
    $399.00 $369.00
  • Cell Phone Voice Changer
    Cell Phone Voice Changer
    The iStranger Cell Phone Voice Changer gives you 2 different types of voices that enable you to sound different than you normally would on your cell phone calls. It plugs into a 2.5mm hands free jack on your smartphone...
  • Chat Log Analyzer Chat Stick by Paraben
    Chat Stick Chat Log Analyzer
    The Chat Stick Chat Log Analyzer Assists you in easily and quickly analyzing chats from your Windows based computer. Chat programs such as Yahoo, Windows messenger, and Skype have the ability to log chats in a file on your...
    $129.95 $95.00
    Covert Coins were once used in the Cold War to transport microfilm, poison, and messages. Some may believe that Covert Coins are a used up technology. On the contrary, these updated Covert Coins can now store up to 32 G in...
  • Data Recovery Software Stick
    Data Recovery Software Stick Recover Deleted Files
    Recover deleted files from your PC very easily with the data recovery software stick. A USB stick loaded with law-enforcement grade forensic file recovery software. Until recently, recovering deleted files from your computer...
    $199.00 $119.00
  • DAS-3000HD Dual View Car Camera
    Dual View Car Camera w/ Emergency Record
    Whether it’s for personal peace of mind or a commercial business setting, the DAS-3000HD Dual View Car Camera is the perfect car video camera. With its powerful swivel, pan and tilt mount, the black box camera can be...
  • Fifty-cent_Covert_Knife-Covert-Weapon
    As coins are the most ignored things that people carry, and which are usually ignored even during a search, the Fifty-cent Covert Knife is a secret escape knife that is concealed in a 50-cent US coin. The Covert Knife...
  • GSM BOX 2 - cell phone activity detector and blocker
    GSM Box 2 - Microphone Blocker and Illegal Activity Detector for Cell Phones
    Cell phones are the most frequently compromised aspect of a person's everyday belongings. It is such a vital risk since you carry them everywhere and almost every interaction could be within earshot of your phone's...
  • HD Pen Hidden Camera w/ Motion Detection
    HD Pen Hidden Camera w/ Motion Detection
    The HD Pen Hidden Camera with Motion Detection is the first of a kind to support 128 GB micro SD cards, which means you can store up to 16 hours of recorded video. And that’s not all. It’s one of the first pen...
  • Infidelity Test Kit
    Infidelity Semen Detection Test Kit by CheckMate
    Laying awake at night wondering if your loved one could be cheating on you is no way to live. If that little voice inside you is nagging you to take the next step, consider the Checkmate Infidelity Test Kit. With this CSI...
  • iPhone spy software and recovery stick
    iPhone Spy Software and Recovery Tool
    **Works with ALL versions of IOS** The iPhone Spy Data Recovery Stick is the first data recovery device for the Apple iPhone or iPad. With the iPhone Spy Data Recovery Stick, you can recover text messages, phone call...
    $169.00 $129.00
  • Lawmate™ AR-100 Keychain Digital Voice Audio Recorder
    Lawmate™ AR-100 Keychain Digital Voice Audio Recorder
    The Lawmate™ AR-100 KeyChain Digital Voice Audio Recorder looks just like the remote control that unlocks your car. Carry it in your hand or pocket and capture high quality audio with the super sensitive microphone...
    $159.95 $99.95
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