Spy Gear

If you fantasize about the worst case scenario in any situation then our spy gear will help you channel your inner James Bond. Keep valuables and secrets extra secure with our hidden bolt and coin safes. Break out of any lock from handcuffs to closet doors with our lock picks. Armed with these cool spy gadgets you’ll be more than a match for any villain. 

25 Day Battery USB Voice Recorder


Our 25 Day USB Voice Recorder captures crystal clear audio and features an endless amount of battery power. This intelligent voice recording is an excellent option when you need to record lengthy lectures, document business meetings, or capture...

Mini USB Camera USB Stick

$199.00 $125.00

This Mini USB Camera looks just like a USB flash drive but is actually a full color video and audio recorder. Its small size and form factor make it extremely portable with the added benefit of not attracting unwanted attention. If connected to a...



Hiding in plain sight is a specialty that Shomer-Tec does very well, the Spy Bolt is a perfect example. Based on the KGB "drop dead" bolt, this new and improved version features a reverse threaded head for added security, and an O-ring to water and...



Sonic Nausea is a small electronic device generates acoustic sound waves that make people extremely nauseated. This device produces a unique combo of very high-pressure sound waves that, in a short amount of time, lead most people in its nearby vicinity...