Wearable Spy Cameras

Wearable Spy Cameras give you the freedom to capture high resolution video on the go.  Gather hours of footage without the tether of wires and frustration. Here you’ll find various hidden spy camera systems that were designed to be wearable so you can get the evidence you need wherever your travels take you.  Better battery technology lets you gather hours of video on a single charge while storing video to a memory card.

LawMate Surveillance Kit


The LM2000 LawMate Surveillance Kit is the ultimate built-in hidden camera security suites. Featuring 6 of our most blendable items available. This kit was developed for on-the-go surveillance from the field to the files. You will be able to tail a...

LawMate Low Light 1080P Button Camera


The CMD-BU20LX is a low light 1080P button camera featuring the NEW signature LawMate ultra-secure multipin camera connection. When it comes to capturing evidence these main features help safeguard the quality of footage. When you don't have...

1080P Button Camera


The all-new 1080P Water Resistant Button Camera by LawMate Technology™. The twist on/off button camera offers an ultra secure water resistant connection to ensure your camera never comes detached or distorted during use. Compatible with PV-500NEO...

720P Pen Hidden Camera w/ Motion Detection

$199.00 $169.00

The 720P Pen Hidden Camera with Motion Detection will record for up to 2 hours per charge to the built in 8GB internal memory. Multiple modes can be activated through one top button. Constant recording or motion detect recording is at your fingertips. ...

Spy Camera Pen 1080P

$225.00 $179.00

Spy Camera Pen with 1080P Resolution gives you 30 frames per second of full color video.  The internal battery will last about 1 hour per charge while charging only takes 2 hours.  The 16GB of built-in flash memory will hold about 2.5 hours...

LawMate BU-18 Button Camera


The LawMate BU-18 Button Camera is a color CCD camera system designed to work with any Lawmate DVR. A variety of included camera attachments make the system incredibly flexible. The camera can be configured to appear to be a button, a screw, or a simple...

Watch Camera with Night Vision


The Watch Camera with Night Vision is absolutely amazing to see.  It captures high resolution, color video during the day and night vision video when the lighting situation goes dark.  Watch Camera with Night VisionHigh Resolution 1920 X 1080...