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1207i Multi-Frequency RF Bug Detector CDMA, GSM, BLUETOOTH, WIMAX

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Product Description

The 1207i is Multi-Frequency RF Bug Detector designed for law enforcement counter surveillance teams and professionals who truly understand the threat faced with a growing wireless infrastructure. With the ability to detect 6 different frequency bands simultaneously, this system is a must have tool if you want to protect your privacy.

Detects Covert Listening Devices


Detects These Frequencies

  • CDMA = 824 – 849MHz
  • GSM = 880 - 920MHz
  • GSM (DCS) = 1710 – 1790MHz
  • WCDMA, 3G, GSM (PCS), DECT = 1920 – 2480MHz
  • Bluetooth, WiFi = 2400 – 2480MHz
  • Wi-Max = 3000 – 7000MHz


What does this mean to you?
Do a quick Internet search for "GSM Bugs".


What’s a GSM Bug?

A GSM bug is a small, battery-powered listening device that has its own telephone number where a user can dial in from anywhere in the world and listen to your conversations in real time. Think of a GSM bug as a miniature cell phone without a keypad or speaker. The threat is real. If you did your online research, you’ll understand that GSM transmitters and bugs are now being implanted into everyday objects like your computer mouse.


What can it detect?
This multi frequency RF bug detector can detect the above listed frequency ranges at one time. What this means to you is that when any threat enters your environment you will be instantly notified visually or with an audible alert. This device is also perfect for hotel room sweeps as well as conference rooms and meeting places.


Protecting Classified Environments
Most, if not all classified government installations require that you leave your cell phone outside the secured environment. Normally, there is no active protection for such areas leaving them vulnerable to unscrupulous workers, repair people, or cleaning staff. The 1270i helps protect against all of the commercially available bugging devices whether it’s a cell phone or GSM bug specifically designed for surreptitious surveillance.


How does it differ from other bug detectors?
While other bug detectors on the market have wide frequency detection ranges that cover the list above, we have found none that are specifically designed to detect low-power transmissions like the ones found in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or WiMAX transmissions. To detect these signals properly the receiver needs SAW filters that illuminate interference from adjacent frequencies. Eliminating the noise from the frequencies to the left and right of your target range greatly improves the chance of detection. Detection range using the two external antennas is anywhere from 3 feet to 30 feet depending on transmitter power and activation.

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