1207i - Multi-Frequency RF Bug Detector for CDMA, GSM, and BLUETOOTH

This multi channel RF detector is designed to find digital GSM and CDMA based devices. Its multi frequency ability to find cellular based devices makes it the perfect counter surveillance device. Intended for Law enforcement and highly skilled professionals this handheld detector is an excellent addition to your countermeasures arsenal. 

Your search for illegal listening devices will go much faster as you can narrow down the frequency with the bar graph on the front of the device. You will notice, as you become proficient with this RF detector unit , you will be able to identify the threat level of many transmitters by frequency.

By using the built in attenuator, a sensitivity adjustment, you can get to the precise area of the transmitter quickly. This is accomplished by getting as close as you can and then attenuating the signal (lowering the sensitivity of the DD1207) then, you can then approach the exact area where the device is hidden.

The silent and vibration modes will assist you in searching the sweep area secretly, to avoid alerting anyone who maybe listening to the hidden bug during your search. This is helpful in determining the source of the intrusion.
The sound and light settings are easily accessed, allowing you to use a clear tone to determine the location of the hidden bug or transmitter. Once you find a bug your next step is to determine the amount of exposure you suffered and make a police report.