How To Use A bug Detector

Posted by Dante H. on Apr 5th 2019

Using a bug detector requires some planning on your part. You need to be aware of all the wireless devices that are in the area that you would like to check. For example a wireless router will set off most bug detectors and cause a false reading. The same with Bluetooth devices such as phones and wireless speakers, baby monitors and similar equipment. The easiest way to prevent false alarms for these devices is to disable them. Turn off any item that you know to be wireless.     

Instructions here are non-specific but cover most types of detectors.

RD-30 Transmitter Bug Detector and Hidden Camera Finder

Be sure your device is charged or has new batteries and you are familiar with the operation. Our products come with detailed set up and use instructions. 

Now, first, choose the area that you wish to check for bugging devices in. Then In an alternate location, such as a hallway or an adjoining room you should set the detector up. All detectors are different, but in some cases this is when you set the sensitivity or set the graph level for frequencies you are searching for. By doing this you can walk into the area where you want to do the sweep and not miss a weak signal.

The best way we have found is to begin at the inside wall behind the door or entrance and begin your search. You should move slowly and deliberately checking each area.

As you search remember that some items can move and others cant. For example a table can be pulled away from the wall or someone could stand on a chair. Remember that whoever may have installed a device had to have access and may again need access. So a careful check of the area that others could access is important. Places like inside walls, floors or ceilings are more difficult to access but no less important to check for hidden cameras or audio transmitting devices.

As you search look for signs of disturbance, furniture that has been moved or new items installed like smoke detectors or ceiling speakers. 

Keep in mind that even if you don't find anything this time, that does not mean it cant happen in the future, Remember its your privacy.

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