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Bug and Wiretap Detectors Best Bug and Hidden Camera Detector


Think bugging and wiretapping is just Hollywood make believe limited to the movies and crime TV shows? Think again. If you have a secret that you don't want anyone to know, then you are a target. From domestic spying to corporate espionage, people are getting desperate and bugs are getting cheaper and easier to use.

  • Track Down Wireless Bugs
  • Detect Eavesdroping on Your Phone
  • Help Keep Private Conversations Private
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  • Best Bug Detector
    Best Bug Detector - Detect Wireless Bugs and Hidden Cameras
    Best Bug Detector Voted # 1 Best Bang for Your Buck!   RF Detector 10MHz to 8GHz = Covers almost all transmitting devices. Telephone Security 250Hz to 5KHz = Detect most off the shelf phone bugs. Laser Detector =...
    $575.00 $495.00
  • Protect 1203 RF Bug Detector
    Protect 1203I 30MHz to 6000MHz Analog and Digital Transmitter Detector
    The Protect 1203 will detect Analog and Digital Transmissions from GSM Bugs, Cell Phones, and Wireless Body Wires. This pocket sized RF detector is ideal for portable, everyday use. Scanning the most popular frequency bands...
    $399.00 $295.00
  • The Protect 1206i is a Multi-Frequency RF Bug Detector
    1206i Multi-Frequency RF Bug Detector WiFi, GSM, BLUETOOTH, DECT
    All tracking, listening, and surveillance devices give off a unique frequency to relay whatever information is being absorbed back to another main device or central computer. This means that depending on the device, there...
    $595.00 $495.00
  • 1207i Multi-Frequency RF Bug Detector CDMA, GSM, BLUETOOTH, WIMAX
    1207i Multi-Frequency RF Bug Detector CDMA, GSM, BLUETOOTH, WIMAX
    The 1207i is Multi-Frequency RF Bug Detector designed for law enforcement counter surveillance teams and professionals who truly understand the threat faced with a growing wireless infrastructure. With the ability to detect...
    $995.00 $795.00
  • TT_46_Advanced_Wiretap_Detector-Telephone_Tap_Detectors
    Advanced Wiretap Detector
    The TT-46 Advanced Wiretap Detector is a very advanced telephone tap detector. This device allows you to detect both individual lines in a double line phone system for both parallel and series phone taps. This telephone tap...
  • P-04_Carrier_currentVideo_Camera_Probe-Countermeasure_Bug_Detection_Device
    Carrier Current/Video Camera Probe
    Detect bugging transmission devices and concealed video surveillance devices with the P-04 RF Detection Device. The P-04 RF Detection Device Carrier Current/Video Camera Probe used to detect carrier current and hidden video...
  • CMS-22 Countermeasures Set
    CMS-22 Countermeasures Set
    The CMS-22 Countermeasures Set consists of the following instruments and accessories: TD-62 Transmitter Detector P-01 Wideband RF Probe P-02 Infrared Probe P-03 Line Driver Probe P-04 Microwave RF Probe TT-07 Telephone Tap...
  • GSM BOX 2 - cell phone activity detector and blocker
    GSM Box 2 - Microphone Blocker and Illegal Activity Detector for Cell Phones
    Cell phones are the most frequently compromised aspect of a person's everyday belongings. It is such a vital risk since you carry them everywhere and almost every interaction could be within earshot of your phone's...
  • P-02_IR_Probe-Infrared_Probe-Bug_Detection_Device
    Infrared (IR) Probe
    The P-02 IR Probe is designed to detect light beams and laser beams that are not detectable by RF detectors. This device allows you to detect IR transmissions. This device will also you to determine if an infrared device is...
  • P-03_Line_Driver_Probe-Countermeasure_Bug_Detection_Device
    Line Driver
    The P-03 Line Driver Probe is an accessory of the TD-53 that allows you to check wire pairs for concealed microphones. When the line driver probe is operated, the P-03’s 2 LEDs will alert if detection device is...
  • CMS-11_Professional_Countermeasure_Set-Bug_Detection_Set
    Professional Countermeasures Set II
    The CMS-15 Countermeasure Set is a complete countermeasure package-this is the most advanced countermeasure set available today. It is designed for individuals who need to perform advanced bugging countermeasure checks often...
  • Protect 1210 Portable Bug Detector - Detects 50-3000 MHz
    Protect 1210 Portable Bug Detector - Detects 50-3000 MHz
    The Protect 1210 is a sleek, bug detector that can detect a huge range of frequencies to make sure your environment is safe and free of any tracking or listening equipment. The slender design enables it to be carried...
    $350.00 $250.00
  • TD-19_Transmitter_Detector- Countermeasure_Bug_Detection_Device
    Transmitter Detector
    The TD-19 Transmitter Detector allows you to detect and locate bugging devices in your residence, automobile, office, or hotel room; it is designed to located the miniaturized radio transmitter the most common type of...
  • TD-15_Transmitter_Detector_II-Bug_Detection_Device
    Transmitter Detector II
    The TD-15 Transmitter Detector is for people who need extremely sensitive RF detection. The TD-15 allows you to detect and locate bugging devices in your residence, automobile, office, or hotel room; it is designed to find...
  • P-01_Wideband_Active_Probe- Countermeasure_Bug_Detection_Device
    Wideband Active Probe
    P-01 Wideband Active Probe is a countermeasure bug detection device that probes signals between 5-2500 MHz and can be positioned 25’ from TD-53 using the included extension cable. This unit allows the TD-53 to be...
  • Tap_Trap_TT-07_Wiretap_Detector-Telephone_Tap_Detectors
    Wiretap Detector
     The Tap Trap TT-07 Wiretap Detector can check for bugging devices that are on your premises, it detects both series and parallel bugging devices. This device allows you to check for the most common telephone bugging...

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