Bug and Wiretap Detectors

For some reason that one creepy person at work always seems to know what your after-hours conversations were about. Find out if someone is listening to you in your apartment or office with our audio counter surveillance devices. Suspect your phone calls have been compromised? We can help you detect any bug or wiretap from a simple recording device to a complex audio transmitter. If you want to know the basics on how to use a bug detector click here.

Andre Deluxe Advance Bug Detector


 A Handheld broadband receiver for detecting known and unknown transmission. The ANDRE is first in class detection equipment that  locates nearby RF, infrared, visible light, carrier current, and other types of transmitters. Access to...

RF Signal Detector Wand - 12051i


The RF Signal Detector wand is ready for you to keep yourself safe from unwanted intrusions from hidden cameras and wireless microphones.  Keep the competition in the dark about your upcoming release and protect your personal conversations from...

iProtect 1216 - 3-Band RF Detector


The iProtect 1216 is an extended range 3-Band, digital RF detector that brings expert level counter surveillance to the palm of your hands. Use the iProtect 1216 to prevent illegal electronic spying from of unwanted hidden threats like spy cameras, audio...

Black Ops RF Detection Probe


Think detection is only for the pros? Think again! DIY signal detection is now more powerful and accessible than ever with the Black Ops RF Detection Probe. Discreetly detect video, audio, digital or analog signals and find surveillance bugging...