Detect Hidden Cameras

There's nothing worse than suspecting you're not really alone in your home. When the security of your private space has been compromised turn to our hidden camera detectors to find out if someone is spying on your family. From finding a hidden surveillance camera lens (on or off) to detecting a video transmitter our hidden camera detectors will deliver peace of mind. Learn how to detect hidden cameras today.

Andre Deluxe Advance Bug Detector


 A Handheld broadband receiver for detecting known and unknown transmission. The ANDRE is first in class detection equipment that  locates nearby RF, infrared, visible light, carrier current, and other types of transmitters. Access to...

RF Signal Detector Wand - 12051i


The RF Signal Detector wand is ready for you to keep yourself safe from unwanted intrusions from hidden cameras and wireless microphones.  Keep the competition in the dark about your upcoming release and protect your personal conversations from...

SpyFinder Pro Hidden Spy Camera Detector


The SpyFinder Pro Hidden Spy Camera Detector is simple to use, yet extremely effective at finding hidden cameras. Are you concerned about privacy when renting a hotel room, Air BnB or an apartment? Breaking news is full of stories about these types of...

WEGA I – Hidden Video Camera Detector

$545.00 $445.00

The WEGA I is a very useful and unique device that fulfills a very niche purpose in counter surveillance. One of the most harmful and invasive way you can have your security breached is through a video link being unknowingly made of you, your belongings...