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Detect Hidden Cameras Advanced Video Detector
Lawmate RD-10 RF Transmitter Bug Detector and Hidden Camera Finder


Ever get the feeling like someone is watching? Detect hidden cameras anywhere you go. We have a nice selection of hidden camera detectors that you can carry with you. From hotel rooms, tanning beds and your own home, we've got the tools you need to track down and disable spy cameras.

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  • Best Bug Detector
    Best Bug Detector - Detect Wireless Bugs and Hidden Cameras
    Best Bug Detector Voted # 1 Best Bang for Your Buck!   RF Detector 10MHz to 8GHz = Covers almost all transmitting devices. Telephone Security 250Hz to 5KHz = Detect most off the shelf phone bugs. Laser Detector =...
    $575.00 $465.00
  • Lawmate™ RD-10
    Lawmate™ RD-10 RF Transmitter Bug Detector and Hidden Camera Finder
    The Lawmate™ RD-10 is a RF Transmitter Bug Detector and Hidden Camera Finder. This high quality counter surveillance device is small and portable but very effective. Refuse to be a victim and arm yourself against the...
  • 53_Advanced_Transmitter_Detector-Countermeasure_Bug_Detection_Device
    Advanced Transmiter Detector
    The TD-53 Advanced Transmitter Detector is a top of the line countermeasure bug detection device that gives you peace of mind that your home, office, or vehicle is not bugged. When you suspect surveillance on your premises,...
  • VCD-43_Advanced_Video_Camera_Detector-Bug-Detection_Device
    Advanced video Camera Detector
    VCD-43 Advanced Video Camera Detector enables you to detect extremely small video surveillance cameras. It’s 5-step solid state meter will help you to quickly and easily locate concealed video cameras. Its external...
  • Professional Video Scanner Wireless Camera Detector
    Professional Video Scanner Wireless Camera Detector
    The CD-Pro is a professional grade RF detector.  You'll notice that this unit is of higher caliber than most the moment you pick it up, thanks to its excellent alloy construction.  RF detectors are simply...
  • SpyFinder - Hidden Camera Visual Detector
    SpyFinder - Hidden Camera Visual Detector
    Detects RF signals up to 30ft Locate a camera lens  from 3 inches- 30ft Easy to read backlit LCD display with battery, signal strength, and alert mode indicators Flashing LED lights and view finder for...
  • VCD-42_Video_Camera_Detector-Bug-Detection_Device
    Video Camera Detector
    The VCD-42 Video Camera Detector detect video camera signal with its internal, directional antenna. The red LED light will glow brightly when a video camera signal is detected by the VCD-42. The directional antenna and the...
  • WEGA I – Hidden Video Camera Detector
    WEGA I – Hidden Video Camera Detector
    The WEGA I is a very useful and unique device that fulfills a very niche purpose in counter surveillance. One of the most harmful and invasive way you can have your security breached is through a video link being unknowingly...
    $545.00 $445.00

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