iProtect - 1206 - Extended Range Digital RF Detector Dual Antennas

The iProtect digital RF detector is the perfect weapon against all types of eavesdropping and bugs. Armed with this device, a little education, and some theory of how bug detectors work. You will be invincible, audio, video, voice and data wireless transmitters will be no match for you.

Hidden listening devices are easily located now using a correlation feature, this device can detect the presence of FM transmitters by the sound, it creates a loop back effect causing the hidden microphone, to pickup up the sound, and then produces a beep. Helping you narrow down the location.

The attenuator has 2 settings to help you narrow down the location of a bug as close as 50cm ( 2 Inches) and as far as 2 meters (6.5 feet) away.

The dual antenna feature helps increase your ability to locate certain types of devices.  One included antenna will point directly at a Microwave (2GH -12Ghz) signal so you can find it quickly. This is very helpful if you are searching a new area or a temporary stop for business meetings.

The second value of dual antennas lies in the ability to demodulate audio signals, you will be able to hear the audio being transmitted from a hidden voice bug. You will be searching constantly for all bands including GSM, LTE, WI-Max, Bluetooth, WI-Fi 2.4GHz an Wi-Fi 5GHz and RF.