WEGA - Camera Lens Finder - Spy Finder - Find all hidden cameras

The WEGA-1 camera finder is unlike other camera finders. It has a longer range, higher build quality and better performance than most other camera lens finders available.  The WEGA spy finder is capable of finding hidden pinhole cameras at a range of 5 – 30 feet away.

You can control the brightness of the LED lights with the two buttons, above the power button, on the rear of the device.  This adjustability helps in two ways, it will give you a better range when searching for a hidden camera and, setting the LEDs to a higher intensity will also help you if you are in a brightly lit location.

This type of camera finder is available in many different forms, but no other device offers this range and the adjustability of the LED intensity. 

If you are looking for the ultimate camera finder this is the right choice. Reliable and sturdy this unit will last. A Perfect device for professionals that will use it every day or on multiple bug and camera sweeps.

This hidden camera detector also has a built in IR filter to help decrease the amount of reflections while searching for pinholes.