​5 ways to prevent identity theft - Keep your Identity safe

Posted by Dante H on Aug 15th 2019

prevent Identity theftDon’t believe that the amount of money you make will have any effect on identity theft, Average people in average jobs with average credit are prime targets.

Information from an un-named source:

“I would open a credit card in your name with a mail center or box address. I’d pay the minimum while I used the card for a year using a money order. Then when they up my limit, in your name, I’d go crazy on a spending spree and then just walk away.”

1.Make sure you check your credit score there are a multitude of free credit monitoring services available. Check once a month to see if any accounts you don’t recognize are added. Someone using your social Security number to open a new charge account or credit card or even get a loan, with your information, will show up quickly.

2. Pre-approved offers in the mail should be destroyed. Just rip them up and throw them away. A pre approved offer can be used by almost anyone with a little knowledge and a PO Box. If you recycle just shred them or at least take the time to rip out your name and recycle the rest.

3.Keep your cards to yourself. Don’t carry every credit card you have with you, keep one for use and one for emergencies. The rest should be at home where no one can scan, steal or photograph the numbers. Also memorize your social security number there is no need to carry the card with you. When you use your cards be sure to keep the card in sight whenever you can.

4.Don’t give out your social security number unless you absolutely have to. Doctors, dentists and walk in clinics don’t need that information. You are paying them so they don’t need to run any credit information. Remember they will have your DOB and your address, full name and other personal information. Not that the doctor wants to steal your Identity but how many employees have access to it?

5.Don’t leave old paperwork anywhere, when you leave a job or move to a new house even in storage rooms. Old paperwork is an identity theft treasure trove. Family names old address types of loans what cars you drove is all information that can be used to steal your ID.

It is important to protect your personal information whenever possible. Using the  best bug detector at home and when traveling will help protect you from ID theft.