How To Track A car - using several GPS technologies to locate people and vehicles

Posted by Dante H. on Feb 28th 2020

How to Track a Car.

Americans have honed their abilities in locating and finding things since the dawn of time. From finding food, water and safe places to live to finding the best deals and now, going high tech finding where your car is right now. In Times past, we would use word of mouth to find things, the best place to wait for a small dinosaur for lunch was easily conveyed. It'd be difficult today on an America filled with asphalt roads and millions of cars to just point and say “wait there it’ll come by eventually” and bring the pointy stick, well, for the dinosaur anyway. You could very well wait at an intersection and see the car you want to track go by but is that all the information you need?

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It's fairly frustrating when a parent takes a vehicle from the garage and discovers that they're nearly out of gas or that there are mysterious scratches on the paint because it has been on the wrong side of a hedge. Worse yet the garage is empty and the teenager with the inability or lack of funds to add gas to the tank is still sleeping. The car has been stolen.

The first thing to do with a stolen car is to call the police, providing description of the vehicle, plate numbers and details. It may take a few minutes or a few days before its found, it may never be found, GPS tracking to monitor the vehicle and the driver will be the main of use gps tracking devices. In the case of stolen cars you can provide the police with instant location information on the vehicles whereabouts. This will increase the likely hood of getting your car back in one piece.

What to get to track your car.

You can find various GPS trackers to select from in the market today, some small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. All live tracking devices will have a monthly fee in common. This fee usually covers the unit’s connectivity to the app or website where you perform the tracking.

Mobile phone carriers today have introduced GPS tracking technologies as part of their subscription program, allowing the owner to locate a phone of a family member who took a vehicle without permission or even to find their whereabouts in an emergency situation.

Some tracking units use just a text-based sim card, with a couple of text messages, the vehicle's location might be pinpointed in a moment or so. Among the downsides is the passive signal it transmits, won't be capable giving real time movement reports.

Another way to track an automobile is to utilize a GPS logger however the results are all after time not real time. You place a device on the vehicle and then retrieve it after a certain period of time. Connect the gps logger to a PC and download the vehicle location information. However the results are limited to where the car was at a previous time. It can take some time to come across a pattern, yet the results may be worth it if utilized in tandem with the mobile phone with a GPS tracking option.

How do you track a car?

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Once you have decided on the type of tracking device that will work in your situations you will need to determine how to access the information from your device. Mostly based on an app, GPS suppliers all have different offerings on the frequency of tracking positions IE: Every 5 seconds, 30 seconds all the way up to 5 minutes. The frequency setting directly affects the battery life.

In the case of a logger you can set the unit to take positions every few minutes and once you get the device back you will be able to show the devices history on a map. You can check address and patterns easily.

Live trackers will tell you where the vehicle is right now. You can choose to have the device save a position every minute for example. Then you can watch the vehicle moving on the map to keep track of it. This is especially helpful for high value items and vehicles.