TSCM - Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Posted by Dante H on Apr 8th 2019

Surveillance Countermeasures is the action taken to counteract a threat. AKA- counter surveillance Using a detector of some type would be considered countermeasures.

Bug detectors, also known as listening device detectors or camera finders, are an efficient way to determine if a wireless or wired listening device or “Bug” has been used. Detecting a listening device or locating a hidden camera is a simple process but requires patience and attention to detail.

Camera detectors are designed to find hidden wired and wireless cameras. Again there are different devices that will accomplish this some units will perform many different searches and some are dedicated to a certain type of threat. Some will find the lens itself and some will locate the signal that the camera is using and some types provide a video feed.

In most cases a device to locate a hidden listening device is different than a detector for locating video transmitting devices.

White noise, White noise generators ;
These provide a masking sound, to our ears it sounds like static but a professional white noise generator will create and oscillating static that will activate voice activated microphones or disrupt voice recorders.

Bug Sweeps
A full “Sweep” can be preformed to locate all un-friendly devices this may be need to be done with multiple devices, depending on the threat level you face. Once you have determined that you have a threat you can decide how to proceed and with a detector that will solve your problem.

Bugging Detection

Generally, bug detectors all work the same way they look for “sweep” for wireless signals. A standard detector will find multiple signals but offers no filtering. A pro detector will allow you to search by frequency and spy device power.

It is a frightening world out there and equipment to spy on you, collect personal information and watch your every move is readily available.
Bug detectors will offer you a way to determine what and possibly who is listening in or watching your private life.